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Exciting Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies

Red Ribbon Week School Assembly Tours And it all begins, the annual booking season for the busiest school assembly season of the year, Red Ribbon Week.  The October event is a national celebration involving most schools with special educational programs focused on teaching kids to Say No To Drugs.  From Red Ribbons to special school assemblies, schools nationwide coordinate special activities to build awareness of the dangers of drugs and to help kids make good choices. The Perfect Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies | BMX Stunt Shows! As part of this annual campaign,  Wheels of Freestyle has delivered thousands of special Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies to schools from coast to coast.  The week long event books up quickly every year and mid August is typically the beginning of a 4-week booking frenzy whereby we schedule 3 BMX Stunt Teams to service California schools and fill in our national satellite teams as the calls come in. We are excited to get the Fall going with what we believe will be a huge season of our 180 Revolution BMX Stunt Show and another Red Ribbon Week to remember.  We truly do enjoy performing for the kids, and this Fall tour is [...]

NEW! Keeping Fit School Assemblies

New 2014 BMX Stunt Show Theme, Keeping Fit School Assemblies! Dear friend, For over 16 years Wheels of Freestyle has delivered 6,000+ high flying BMX Stunt Show school assembly programs with themes that include drug prevention, violence prevention, anti-bullying and positive motivation.  Now, we offer our latest fitness school assembly, called: 180 Revolution BMX Stunt Show - Keeping Fit School Assemblies Our schools have spoken, and we will deliver.  With the explosion of childhood obesity and our modern attachments to devices and electronic media,  kids are increasingly getting engulfed in activities that reduce their physical activity and that leads to health problems and obesity.  Our childhood years are meant to be interactive and fun, with lots of opportunities to play, move and exercise.  But it is a difficult challenge to "sell" the benefits of exercise in a classroom or through a textbook.  But coming from Pro BMX Athletes who MUST stay active and fit to perform is putting words together with action, and the clear inspiration to move and succeed. There are clear advantages to delivering the fitness message through keeping fit school assemblies. Your students will connect the importance of fitness and health with performance as our athletes perform [...]

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Cool Panoramic At Newbury Park School Assembly

At the latest school assembly BMX Stunt Show, pro BMX Stunt Rider Victor Salazar snapped this awesome panoramic from his Iphone.  It's amazing what the new phones can do including shoot in panoramic with effects but also in high quality. We had Mike our IT Pro put a testimonial on it and it became the front page slide on the website. This school assembly was at a very nice school in Newbury Park, the campus looked more like a University and the assembly coordinator said this school consistently achieved the highest test scores in the State of California.  Great school doing a great job!  This was a big school assembly, over 1,000 kids grades K-8.  We had a great time, the kids were so well behaved and respectful during our messages. Big thanks to Newbury Park School District for hosting our BMX Stunt Show at 2 schools during our Red Ribbon Week school assembly tour 2013.   David Holden | Author President | Wheels of Freestyle, Inc. Find me on Google+ School Assembly Home Page

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Surfing At A School Assembly In Del Mar

With our Red Ribbon Week Tours coming to a close we now get to sort through hundreds of photo's and pick the one's we like.  This one was pretty nice because the angle was just perfect catching the back of the kids on one side and shooting across the performance area, captures the scene nicely.  Mike put a warm filter on the photo and it became a new home page slide on our main web site.  This pic is of David Holden, the MC and flatland rider during the first run of stunts at a school assembly in Del Mar.  This had to be one of our favorite shows not because we favor any school over the other, but because it just happened to be only about 4 miles from home.  When you travel non-stop for 3 weeks, those assemblies right down the street are very very welcome.  Was a great tour, we had a lot of fun and have 2 more show dates upcoming in Newbury Park and in Solana Beach on Dec. 4th before we shut it down for the Holidays.   David Holden/President Wheels of Freestyle, Inc. 180 Revolution BMX Stunt Show 180 Revolution School Assembly

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School Speakers Superman

School Speakers New-School Style Former XGames Bronze Medalist and now School Speaker Dave Voelker goes BIG! Check out former XGames Bronze Medalist Dave Voelker throw this huge superman at a recent school assembly in San Diego.  Dave just completed a 3 week Red Ribbon Week School Assembly tour of schools in Southern California, performing as a school speaker and athlete to help motivate kids to be successful and make good life choices.  The show brought to schools by Wheels of Freestyle is called the 180 Revolution BMX Stunt Show, and features 2-3 pro BMX athletes performing LIVE for students on their playgrounds.  You can find out more by visiting their School Speakers page.   David Holden | Author President | Wheels of Freestyle, Inc. Find me on Google+ School Speakers Home Page

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Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies

Attn: Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies Coordinators   It's only February, but not too soon to begin planning your Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies... Schools are already booking their time and dates for the Wheels of Freestyle Go BIG BMX Thrill Show school assembly program. The popular action sports show school assembly is a favorite for schools that are looking to energize the students during this important school year celebration. But what is the purpose of Red Ribbon Week School Assemblies? In short, Red Ribbon Week school assemblies help commemorate the life of deceased DEA agent Enrique "kiki" Camarena, who was captured and murdered by a drug cartel in Mexico while working undercover. After some friends began wearing red satin badges, groups began to notice, and take an interest in this tragic but compelling story. You see, Kiki had a passion for eliminating drug trafficking, and to help our communities and youth stay drug and violence free. His passion and courage cost him his life, but his story lives on, year after year, in the schools of our nation through Red Ribbon Week celebration. The week of celebration is focused on providing visuals, activities and special event for kids that [...]

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School Assembly Program Team Rider (Video)

School Assembly Program Rider Victor Salazar appears in new video When Victor isn't performing in a school assembly program, he is competing at World Championship-level contests   Here's an amazing video of Wheels of Freestyle team school assembly program rider Victor Salazar going big at the dirt jumps. The video is masterfully edited and shot with high end equipment and skill. And of course, the riding speaks for itself! Victor is getting set to travel to Estonia for a huge contest deemed a World Championship of sorts. He will be competing with the top riders in the world so we wish Victor the best of luck and hope he brings home the title. When Victor is not competing, he travels throughout California performing the Go BIG BMX Thrill Show school assembly program at elementary and secondary schools. The school assembly program is a LIVE demo but so much more! The athletes deliver meaningful positive messages to the kids and of course, go to work doing what they love. You can find out more about the school show by visiting our home page Go BIG BMX Thrill Show School Assembly Program.   Don't miss it - watch Victor's video now... [...]

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Team Rider Victor Salazar Makes The Cover of BMX Plus

Pro BMX Rider & School Assembly Performer Victor Salazar on The Cover of BMX PLUS! A big congratulations goes out to Victor for his first cover shot on the premier BMX magazine BMX Plus.  Victor is a current top 10 competitor and travels the world competing in contests, but during school assembly season, he gives back to the kids by performing in the Go BIG BMX Stunt Show that entertains and educates students nationwide. It is rare to have a top 10 athlete in the prime of his career willing to take time out of his schedule to perform at the schools, but Victor shows up with a smile and motivated to ride for the kids.  He consistently performs at a very high level, but also has a great connection with the youth and presents a quality image and persona that goes along with our message of inspiration. We are thrilled Victor has been recognized with a cover shot, hopefully the first of many to come.  And if you happen to be at one of our school assemblies that Victor is performing at, make sure you personally congratulate him for the honor. Victor is part of our Southern California team [...]

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